Your questions answered

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Why choose our Hygienic Sheet against other systems?
We offer the complete system including sheets, finishing trims, adhesives and silicones, ensuring a one source guarantee. We have been involved in supplying Hygienic Wall Panels for over 25 years. Our hygienic sheets and products have been developed specifically for the Hygiene industry i.e. Food & Drink processing etc.
You mentioned Food & Drink Processing, do your Panels conform to UK & EU regulations?
Yes, being smooth and impervious our Panels conform, our Panels have also passed food taint tests.
What about chemical and stain resistant?
Being manufactured of PVC, our Panels have excellent chemical and stain resistance. We can give you specific information about chemicals and concentrations.
Where can I install you Hygienic PVC Panels?
In areas that require an easy to clean and an easy to maintain hygienic wall covering. Make sure the substrate is flat, firm and free of dust and grease. Installations instructions are readily available. Hygienic wall panels are the perfect alternative to tiles.
What is the temperature range?
PVC Panels 0ºc to +50ºc, although for short time periods panels may operate outside the temperature range. Let us know your requirements.
What is the Fire Rating?
UK; Class ‘1’ BS 476 Part 7. Also the panels will achieve Class ‘O’ BS 476 part 6 if fixed to a non combustible substrate. The panels also conform to European Test M1.
Have you a selection of finishing trims colour matched?
Yes, we have a range of fixing trims available, enabling a hygienic finish to the system that is also aesthetically pleasing.
Why don’t you offer 1.5mm PVC Sheet
Traditionally 1.5mm PVC has been used as a door lining sheet. We’ve been supplying hygienic cladding for over 25years and do not recommend using sheets under 2mm thick for wall lining. With 1.5mm PVC you may find that the fixing trims wont fit properly leaving the wall unhygienic, you may also find that 1.5mm PVC does not meet the required fire ratings.
What is the surface finish?
Satin is the most popular, this tends to diffuse bright light in ‘white areas’ although gloss is available if required. The surface is protected with a polythene film to ensure panels are in pristine condition after installation.
How do I calculate how many wall sheets I need?
To calculate the amount of sheets required, measure the width of the wall you need to cover and divide by the width of the sheet.
How much adhesive do I need?
We always recommend full coverage adhesive with 2mm PVC sheets due to expansion and contraction. For full coverage on an 8x4 sheet you should allow 4 tubes of adhesive per sheet.